For Investors
For Investors
City & Westminster offers investors from around the globe unique access to deal flow and the opportunity to participate in the growth of promising companies. We work with individuals and companies based primarily in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Canada. Our strengths lie in real estate, oil & gas, natural resources and alternative energy.

City & Westminster focuses on a wide range of companies which require sources of funding and show strong potential for high returns.

City & Westminster’s expertise lies with companies which are particularly at flotation stage, address unique markets, or require a relatively small cash injection prior to reaching their IPO objectives; we provide these companies with attractive alternative methods of financing throughout their lifecycle to flotation.

We deliver services that:

  • Provide access to a diversified ‘deal flow’ of promising broad based companies at various stages of development.

  • Have an ability to objectively screen and identify companies with the strongest growth and return potential based on in-depth due diligence of the company’s technology, target market, financial capabilities and management team.

  • Match specific, pre-defined investment objectives to an investor’s field and growth stage preferences, as well as to their required investment size and risk profile.

  • Facilitate investments, characterised by higher returns and a unique selection of investment fields, allowing for a more balanced portfolio.